About Us

Your relationship status is more than just a Facebook update. We’re here to take a 360° view of relationships from the funny to the ridiculous, from the worst moments to the best.

About Status – We Believe

… in long term relationships

In it for the long haul. Long term relationships give space for learning and growing together, helping you have the best relationship you can

…in choosing the right person

Don’t rush for the first person you see like the last seat in musical chairs, make relationship choices that will work in the long run with someone that is right for you

… in committing to the right relationship

Decide, don’t slide- don’t just let things happen, you can make good choices in your relationship now that will benefit you later on

… in relationship journeys

Keep going and growing. Relationships develop and change just like you do

… in working at it

You can do it – put your back into it! A bit of effort in relationships goes a long way and means you can enjoy the rewards in the end